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Art & Framing Guild, LLC

Art & Framing Guild increased operating efficiencies in two locations using SpecialtySoft. Learn more….

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Tim Hayes, owner of Art & Framing guild, LLC, was using a software application that was not meeting his needs. He had plans to expand to a 2nd location and needed software to provide business management solutions for both locations.


Tim installed SpecialtySoft POS at both locations. Point of sale stations were equipped with cash drawers and barcode scanners that integrate with SpecialtySoft POS.

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SpecialtySoft provides the business management tools needed to manage two locations efficiently and profitably. The SpecialtySoft Reports module offers over 100 business management reports including barcoding, sales tax reporting, top customers report, cost of goods, gross profit, orders due and many more.

                       Courtesy of PPFA Members Only

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